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Phyllis Glazer


If you’re a foodie, you must have noticed that Israeli food has become a major trend in the culinary world, especially in the USA and Europe. Its melting pot of flavors deriving from ethnic and culinary traditions and roots in places as varied as Bulgaria, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Ethiopia and Europe, have afforded Israeli chefs and home cooks a lot of creativity and culinary freedom with no “rules” to bind them.

I’d love to host you in my home – right in the center of vibrant Tel Aviv and teach you all about Israeli flavors, our food history, and the amazing spices, fresh herbs (from my organic garden!) and ingredients we’ll use that are tasty and health-promoting.


My personalized cooking classes have been voted  #1 by Time Out Magazine in Israel: Food for thought: the top 10 cooking classes in Israel - Time Out.


Phyllis’ Kitchen

Eduard Bernstein St 9 | Group Classes (in Hebrew and English)

If you are looking for something really special, check out Phyllis’ workshops – she typically runs 1-2 a month in the intimate setting of her home in Tel Aviv.


Phyllis runs two classes – vegan cooking and gluten-free cooking – followed by a delicious feast.


The workshops are in Hebrew, but Phyllis is American-born so can easily switch between the two languages.

Cooking from the Bible: Ancient foods for the Modern World

In biblical times foods were not only for eating – they were used in metaphor and parable throughout biblical literature to symbolize plenty or scarcity, peace or war, barrenness or fertility, vanity or humility. 

Long before modern medicine, foods were also used as a remedy for wounds, sores, chills, aching throat, ears and muscles. 

In this fascinating workshop, participants discover which biblical foods, herbs and spices can help nourish and heal us today, and enjoy a hands-on, three-hour cooking class to create a delicious and meaningful biblical feast for any occasion.

Choice of vegetarian, vegan, meat or gluten-free menu.

Participants: 1-5

Time: 3 hours

Mezze & Street food- Made Healthy

In Israel we love to start meals, snack and entertain friends with mezze, a panoply of taste-tempting, colorful little dishes inspired by kitchens from around the Mediterranean, and artfully reinterpreted with a dash of Israeli chutzpa.

In the Street Food department, I’ll teach you how to turn falafel, the ubiquitous hummus sabich and other yummy Israeli streets into healthier versions of themselves. Even your kids won’t know the difference.

Participants: 1-5

Time: 3 hours



  • Once a month, I also offer a bilingual Vegan Gourmet cooking class at Studio L’Bishul in Tel Aviv. Class duration: approximately 3-1/2 hours.  For further information, please contact me here or call: +972-54-5857200.

  • Looking for a novel way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion? Order a personalized Culinary Event for a family member, friend or colleague.

About Phyllis Glazer

Famous in Israel as “the guru of healthy cooking,” celebrated chef, writer, TV personality, and best-selling cookbook author Phyllis Glazer is one of Israel’s top food personalities. Through her media appearances, cookbooks, newspaper columns, lively lectures, and cooking classes, Phyllis, who was the first to introduce the preparation of delicious vegetarian cuisine to the country, helped create a nation-wide consciousness of healthy, organic food.

Phyllis spent more than a decade as a regular columnist for The Jerusalem Post and various Hebrew publications, and currently writes for Menta, the Israeli health-lifestyle magazine, and The Times of Israel ( 


Her food and feature articles have been published by the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, Bon Appetit and Saveur, among others, and she has been interviewed on radio and television programs in the United States, India, Australia and Britain. She is the author of eight cookbooks; seven published in Israel, Germany and Italy, and The Essential Book of Jewish Festival Cooking, published by Harper-Collins in the USA.

In her efforts to promote regional peaceful coexistence through food, Phyllis also conceived of and produced the Israeli-Jordanian Culinary Exchange Project, the first Israeli event ever held in Amman, Jordan. 

For further information, please call: +972-54-5857200

Get in Touch

For further information, please Contact me or call: +972-54-5857200.

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Join me for a culinary journey through the famous Carmel Market in Tel Aviv!
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